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My name is Caroline( I go by
MeowMix,Meowsers,or Kitty )

I have Aspergers and OCD. I am fat and socially akward. I love cats.

I am going to school to be a preschool teacher and I volunteer at a local humane society

This is my Tumblr for fandom stuff ,social justice issues, art,fashion,pop culture,
news, memes, etc. and other cool junk. This blog will be NSFW sometimes and will contain many spoilers.

I’m a hardcore slash/yaoi fan. I am a fangirl and a shipper and I love hot guys(real and fictional) and shipping gay and het and polyamourous pairings. I'm multifandom fangirl and I multiship

Read my list of my fandoms to find out all my fandoms, and the stuff I like page to see my favorite things, and you will know what to expect on this blog.

Beliefs:Liberal Democrat/Feminist/ Pro-choice/Agnostic/LGBT rights
supporter and ally /Anti-racist ally

This is a safe space for POC and LGBT people and PWD (people with disabilities)
I will blog about Social Justice stuff a lot.

Ask me anything